Ascension Eastwood Behavioral Health

Ascension Eastwood Behavioral Health is an agency that provides therapy, counselling, and treatment services to individuals and families of all ages. With offices in Beverly Hills, California, and Beverly Hills, Florida, the agency offers individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as counselling and treatment services.

According to the experts, there is no single way to define a person as a genius. A genius is just someone who has an incredible talent for something. The same is applicable to the definition of genius for an entrepreneur.

What are some of the attributes of a genius for an entrepreneur? Here is a list of five traits that define a genius as an entrepreneur.

Creativity: A genius entrepreneur has the ability to come up with an idea that is new and unique. They are the ones who have the ability to see the potential of their ideas and the ability to implement them in the real world.

Creative and innovative: A genius entrepreneur is a creative person who is constantly looking for a way to innovate and improve their product. Their ideas are always evolving and changing.

Critical thinking: A genius entrepreneur is always looking for ways to find the flaws in their idea and how they can improve it. They have the ability to analyze and evaluate their idea to find the best approach to make them successful.

Impactful: A genius entrepreneur is always looking for ways to improve their product and make it more impactful.

Intuitive: A genius entrepreneur is always looking for ways to make their products and services better. They are always asking questions and looking for ways to make their product better.


Here are the five traits that define a genius for an entrepreneur. If you are a genius for an entrepreneur, then I am sure that you will succeed in your business. You have the ability to create something great and bring it to life.

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