Fatima College of Health Sciences

The Fatima College of Health Sciences was established in 2006 to cater to the needs of the growing healthcare industry in the UAE. To become a physician at this institution, you need to have a Masters Degree or a PhD in Radiology. Additionally, you must have the necessary MOH evaluation, HAAD registration, and home-country professional registration. The college also requires applicants to have significant clinical and teaching experience in a clinical simulation laboratory.

IELTS and EmSAT requirements for admission to the college of health sciences

There are IELTS and EmSAT requirements for admission into the College of Health Sciences at Fatima. To obtain a place in the college, you must have a score of 1400 for EmSAT and 6.0 in IELTS for academic over-all. You must have a certificate of experience of at least two years. International students are also considered on a competitive basis.

If you are an international student, you must meet IELTS and EmSAT requirements. If you have a score below 500, you must take a preparatory course. If your EmSAT score is below 500, you may be accepted to the Foundation Program at FCHS. You must also meet medical clearance requirements for affirmation. Female students are only admitted to the FCHS.

Programs offered at the college of health sciences

Located in the United Arab Emirates, the Fatima College of Health Sciences (FCHS) was founded in 2006. The institute was named after the mother of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikha Fátima bint Mubarak Al-Katabi. Students can pursue various programs in the field of health care at the campus in Abu Dhabi or one of the other locations in the Gulf region. There are several health care programs offered at FCHS, including a master’s degree in nursing, a doctorate in nursing, and a PhD in medical sciences.

The Fatima University Medical Center is a 150-bed teaching hospital. The hospital is equipped with medical and diagnostic equipment and a first-class emergency room. It also houses a pulmonary lab, ophthalmology clinic, and physical rehabilitation clinic. Students will gain real-life experience while learning various medical procedures. The campus also offers training manikins. The Fatima University Medical Center houses a diverse range of specialized laboratories and departments.

Admissions requirements

The Fatima College of Health Sciences is a reputable institution for pursuing advanced degrees in the health sciences. The college has three principal campuses. The fourth one will be established in Al Gharbia in September 2014. There are currently around 800 students enrolled at the college. You can apply for admission online, but you must first meet all of the prerequisites for admission. Listed below are the admission requirements for the college.

In Canada, medical school is a six-year course. The first two years are pre-pre-clinical, while the remaining three are clinical. During the sixth year, students spend time as interns in hospitals. After completing the course, students take state exams on five major subjects. Successful completion of the program grants them the title of ‘Physician.’ This degree is recognized worldwide and is a great starting point for a career in the health sciences.

Locations of the college of health sciences

The Fatima College of Health Sciences is an educational entity that was established in 2006 to meet the growing healthcare needs of the UAE. Students can choose from a wide range of health care courses and can also earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Its programs are nationally accredited and internationally benchmarked. In addition to accredited bachelor degrees, the College offers diplomas in several health-related fields. Listed below are the locations of Fatima College of Health Sciences.

Fatima College of Health Sciences is a private university that offers programs in allied health professions, senior high school, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees. It has six campuses in Metro Manila, Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija, and Santa Rosa City, Laguna. It is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Higher Education (ACCHE). The Fatima College of Health Sciences’s admission policy is subject to change depending on the area of study, degree level, and nationality of applicants.

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