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The number of seniors is rapidly growing and is one of the primary concerns for the saint benedicts home health Inc industry. The increasing number of seniors in the US and Canada poses a challenge for the healthcare industry to meet the growing healthcare service demand.

According to the census bureau, the population of Americans aged 65 and older increased by 50% between 2000 and 2010. The rate of increase is expected to continue. As the number of seniors grows so will the demand for healthcare services.

Healthcare Industry

To cope with the demand, the healthcare industry is coming up with various strategies and programs to cater to the growing needs of seniors. One of the most successful programs is the senior living facility.

Seniors are provided with all the necessary facilities in a well-maintained facility. In addition, they are provided with a wide range of activities to keep them busy and happy. These activities include recreational facilities, dining, health care, and social services.

Benefits of Senior Living Facilities

It is important to note that seniors need a safe and secure living place. They are exposed to a wide range of health issues because of the stress of living in an old age home. The seniors are provided with a safe and secure environment where they feel comfortable.

There is no fear of falling or being robbed. Also, they are allowed to live in a familiar and friendly environment.

The facility provides an array of services that will help seniors enjoy their retirement. Some of the services include:

• Healthcare services

• Activities

• Dining

• Social services

• Recreation

• Security

• Safety

• Transportation

• Housekeeping

• Maintenance

• Management

In addition, the facilities are designed so the seniors can be comfortable living there. There are different types of facilities available to choose from. For example, some are designed for recovering from surgery, while others are designed for the elderly with dementia.

Senior Care Services

When it comes to senior care services, the majority of the facilities offer individualized care. Therefore, seniors are treated as individuals.

According to the statistics, the average cost of a senior care facility is $4,500 per month. However, the cost varies depending on the type of facility. For instance, the cost of a facility that offers assisted living services is significantly higher than that of a facility that only provides short-term care.

In addition, the size of the facility also plays a role in determining the cost. For instance, a facility with a larger number of residents will cost more than a facility with a smaller number of residents.

Home Health Care

Another program that is popular among seniors is home health care. Home health care is very useful in maintaining the health of seniors.

In addition, the healthcare industry is catering not only to seniors but also to people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities prefer to live in a home instead of a hospital.

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