Kingston Community Health Centres

If you live in the Kingston area, you may be wondering where to find Kingston Community Health Centres. These clinics offer medical services to people living in the city and are part of the Social Advocacy Organizations industry. The health centres have offices on Weller Avenue and the main office is located at 79 Queen Street. The following contact information and principals can help you find the right clinic for your needs. In addition, these health centres will continue to offer COVID-19 testing. All health clinics offer extended hours, including Saturday and Sunday. Some of these clinics also have extended hours. However, they are closed on major holidays. In addition to business hours, some clinics have weekend and evening hours. If you have a chronic condition, or are concerned about your health, you should contact a medical clinic to see if they have extended hours. You can also visit on a holiday or on a major holiday.

Some clinics have extended hours. In addition to regular hours, sixth street and wheaton way offer extended hours. These extended hours allow patients to seek care during non-peak times. If you have an urgent health problem, you can visit the doctor on a Saturday. The clinics are closed on major holidays and are not open on Sunday. If you have an emergency or have concerns, you can contact the emergency room, which is located at sixth street. For after-hours care, some clinics have evening and weekend hours. PCHS patients can visit these clinics after business hours. Some of these clinics are open on Saturday. During major holidays, the Extended Hours Clinics are closed. You can also visit these clinics on Sunday if you have a problem that cannot wait until Monday. If you have an acute illness, you can go to the emergency room, where there is a physician on call.

Some of the clinics are open on Saturdays. In addition to this, some of them are open after business hours. You can also go to these clinics if you have an emergency. All of the clinics in PCHS are open on holidays and are closed on weekends. For your convenience, you can also visit these locations after hours. They also have extended hours on major holidays. Unlike other medical clinics, extended hours offer convenient access to healthcare. There are three locations that offer extended hours. At the Wheaton Way Medical Clinic, patients can access care at all hours of the day. The Sixth Street Medical Clinic is also open on Saturdays, but it is important to note that both clinics are closed on major holidays. If you need emergency care, call the 24 Hours of PCHS on the phone. The health centres are open Monday-Saturday. Besides, they are open on Saturdays, Monday through Friday.

PCHS has a variety of clinics in the city. The Sixth Street Medical Clinic and Wheaton Way Medical Clinic both offer extended hours. If you need urgent care, you can make an appointment at any of these locations. You can even get appointments after the usual business hours if you have an emergency. Some of these clinics are open on weekends. If you’re a PCHS patient, you’ll find that they have extended hours, too. You can also visit them on major holidays. In addition to the regular hours, the PCHS also has Saturday and evening hours. During these hours, you can receive medical care after regular business hours. For emergencies, you can visit the clinic at your convenience. A PCHS clinic will be open for you on the same day of your regular appointment. These clinics are also open on holidays. They will not be open on the weekend. If you need urgent medical care, call your local Community Health Centre. The Wheaton Way Medical Clinic and Sixth Street Medical Clinic are also open on Saturdays. During the weekends, the sixth street medical clinic is open on Saturdays as well. In addition to this, patients with PCHS can visit the sixth street Medical Clinic on a Saturday. In addition to opening Saturday hours, the sixth street medical clinic also offers weekend and evening hours. In case you need to get medical care after regular business hours, it is open on major holidays.

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